Date Night Ready

OK ladies now let’s get in formation. It’s date night and your boo is on the way let’s get it! My personal favorite go to look is a hot and steamy black and orange smokey eye with a nude lip. Let’s get started:

Before starting make sure to have a clean,exfoliated and moisturized face. You always want to start with a clean canvas so your face stays on throughout the night.

Next apply a primer and depending on your skin type and or if you’re wanting a dewy or matte look. (For me I have to use mattifying primer or my face looks like i was rolling in a tub of Vaseline lol). For the dewy lovers i suggest a hydrating primer (matte will make products cling to the dry patches)
Once applying wait a few minutes (the longer the better) to allow the primer to sink in for a smooth application.

In the meantime start on the brows. For all my oily types I can’t tell you how important its is to apply a compact, loose, setting powder on the brows to avoid that disappearing act the brows pull when the oil is seeping through the pores. If your oily all over just powder tf out of your face. Cake it on till you look casket ready lol. If your impatient like myself kill 2 birds with one stone and use a priming powder.

OK now this is where the creativity begins. Always be sure that you mimic what you do exactly to the other or you’ll end up looking like a two faced bitch (pun intended) Begin with outlining your brows and filling in the tails, dragging the color halfway (beginning of the pupils). Then with a spoolie brush start blending from the halfway point to the center. You’ll be rocking a slight unibrow but its temporary because concealer is on its way to right all the wrongs.

Your eyebrows are not twins they are sisters but bitch were throwing that quote out the damn window. No lopsided brows allowed here we are better than that. Pick your shape wisley that compliments your features. Grab your favorite concealer and with an angled brush, clean under and above the brows then in between to rid that unibrow. Perfecting the shape is extremely tedious (the struggle of having light ass invisible brows) but don’t rush the process (15 min later fml)

Whew chile..hunty. Lets get those eyes to pop now girl.

Choose a concealer that has a more thick consistency to use as a base for your shadows and to enhance the colors. You can also use an eye primer if you prefer.
Apply all over lid for and blend with a concealing brush. For a seemliness finish i’d suggest a beauty blender. (always pounce never swipe) you know better.

Now that your eyes are prepped find a pallet with the best color swatches. If the swatch is not as pigmented its OK because the concealer will bring out the vibrancy. Your going to need a blending brush, a pencil brush, and a small synthetic brush to apply. Pick the brightest orange matte color and with the small synthetic brush pack it all over the middle lid avoiding the eyebrow highlighting area. I can’t stress enough to you on how important it is to pat and then swipe or you’ll end up being a patchy, streak eyed bitch. (been there done that)

Now let’s be precise and pick up that pencil brush and your darkest black. If you’re a beginner start with a brown or you may end up looking look like a raccoon (i’m deathly afraid of raccoons) so play if you want to. Pack your darkest matte black shadow onto your pencil brush and pack it onto your upper eyelid. Now go back to your synthetic brush, starting with the black on your lower lid drag the black into the orange. A little goes a long way so to intensify the black start lightly patting. At this point you should start seeing a light line of demarcation but i got you boo. This is where your blending skills will come into play

Were about to marry the colors together using our blending brush. Going back into the orange, lightly pack the same orange used previously and starting from the harsh line making circular movements to blend the two colors seamlessly. Yes girl. Be sure to start from the outer corners and work to the tear ducts. If your having a difficult pop a little yellow instead or orange.

Face prepped, check, brows on fleek, check, eyes ready to seduce, check check check. Time to beat the face. Choose your favorite foundation that compliments your skin type, tone, and finish. Pat foundation into skin with a brush or beauty blender (i start off with a brush and for the airbrush look go over it with a beauty blender). I like to set my face with a setting spray just to prevent creasing. Blend the foundation nobody wants to look like the “mask’. Then follow that up with a concealer and contour. If you have a big forehead like myself contouring is your best friend that and if your wanting a more slimmer look. Pick up your blush or bronzer and go crazy lol.

After everything is blended apply eyeliner and mascara. For a more intense look apply butterfly lashes (angel wings that touch the sky). Don’t let people tell you that they are too much (it’s never enough) when it comes to creativity. After all the hard work you gotta save your work. Set your art with a setting spray (drown yourself in it) and let it air dry. Now pick up your most eye beaming highlighter and with a fan brush lose all control. Don’t ever dim your light sis, you are the light.

To tie the whole look together use a nude lipstick or gloss whichever is your preference. Why nude you ask well… Having a bold lip along with the bold eye will draw attention away from the the eye shadows. We’re keeping it cute and classy with a little pizaz.

Welcome to the stage, the baddest bitch ever. You have officially graduated from basic to baddie. To tie in the whole look pick out your sexiest freakum dress. They thought they knew you but hunty….they’re not ready. All eyes on you boo enjoy your date and walk slow so everybody can catch this beat.

  • Products used:
  • Primer
    • Wet n wild-Matte Mat
    • Nyx-Cant stop Wont Stop
  • M.A.C.-
  • Setting powder
    • Banana
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow concealer
    • L.a. Girl-
  • Eyeshadow palette
    • Morphe
  • Eye lashes

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