about me

Latoya Patrella

Welcome to the glittery, bedazzled, madness named Latoya. Honestly wondered what in the holy grail took you so long but I’m working on my level of pettiness. ‘So i’ll let it go lol”. But for real. I’m so excited to enlighten you on my crazy life in hopes to be able to help anyone that can relate. I’m a 29 and fine, bubbly, melaninated black barbie with a huge personality living in hot ass Florida and to all my makeup junkies you know the struggle of beating your face to the gawds just to have mother nature ruin it like “really” but it’s ok I have the solutions for you.

I’d describe myself as an angel “haters would disagree” that suffers from a severe case of  RBF aka resting bitch face. FYI It prevents smile lines and works as a f**k boy repellent lol. Thank me later. I’m creating this blog for giving tips and tricks to slay all day, to tell crazy, embarrassing, funny story times that will leave you thinking “why is she like this” lol and just overall to be able to express myself  to show you bits and pieces of the glow up.